Glycolic Reveal – Rose Exfoliating Gel


This gentle exfoliating blend of glycolic acid and vegan hyaluronic acid, combined with amino acids, balancing holy basil, and anti-inflammatory turmeric are all delicately infused with organic rose water to reveal a beautiful, sensual, daily or weekly exfoliating treatment ritual.

Key Ingredients

Glycolic Acid: An alpha hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates dead skin cells while also helping to minimize hyper-pigmentation, reduce acne breakouts, and improve skin hydration (1) and texture.

Hyaluronic Acid: Our perfect molecular weight, plant sourced Hyaluronic Acid was specifically selected for it’s unique ability to penetrate and provide hydration to the deeper layers of the skin. (1)HA also has the ability to act as a carrier to help deliver other beneficial ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin.

An important note: If a skin care product uses HA along side toxic ingredients, the likelihood of those penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin / blood vessels becomes higher as well. This enables damaging ingredients to reach the most important layers of the skin, and allows hormone disruptors and other chemicals make it to the circulation of the body. With the ability to hold up to one thousand times it’s own weight in water, this special molecule can help regulate inflammation, helps balance skin’s immunity, and hydrates the extracellular matrix. The correct HA also increases blood flow and stimulates fibroblasts, contributing to tissue regeneration and elasticity (2,3,4) for more youthful, more radiant skin.

Holy Basil Extract: Widely used in Ayurvedic Medicine for a variety of applications, Holy Basil is a potent adaptogen (1) known for its hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, (2) and tissue protective qualities. (3) Holy Basil has been called “The Incomparable One” and “Queen of Herbs,” revered for both its spiritual and therapeutic properties. (4,5) Adaptogens have the distinct quality of helping the body / tissues adapt to stressors and have a specifically balancing effect. Creating balance (of pH, hydration, circulation, nutrients, hormones…) is a key component to creating healthy skin.

Ingredients: Organic Rose Water, Glycolic Acid, L-Arginine, P-anisic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Glucomannan, Neem Extract, Amino-Esters-1, Ivy Gourd Extract, Eggplant Extract, Aloe Extract, Holy Basil Extract, Turmeric Extract, Red Seaweed Extract, Water, Phenethyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Caprylate


REVEAL / (rəˈvēl) / to Uncover

Is it possible that what we desire most, we may already have? – And that it may simply be veiled by what no longer serves us? Just as a dead, dull layer of skin conceals that which is alive and radiant just below its surface- our thoughts, beliefs, and actions have the ability to either cloud or reveal our wellness. As this Glycolic Reveal loosens and dissolves the “glue” anchoring the dead cell layer in place, consider where you could loosen your grip on a thought, belief, or action that dampens how you experience the world and yourself.


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